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I've loved the Bible ever since flannel-graph stories in Sunday school by Miss Edna Hart. From there I read everything I could get my hands on. Self-taught mostly, until I received an M-Div from Azusa Pacific University in 1996. Intending to be a pastor, I found I was a better Theologian than a Pastor - I couldn't handle the drama! So have fun as long as you put the books back on the right shelf!

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Some of what you read departs from mainstream Conservative Evangelicalism. Though I hold the basic tenets very dear, I take issue with several uncritical teachings of our doctrine, especially concerning nit-picky issues like 24/7 Creation, Hell (as eternal for non-believers), and Heaven (especially how we ignore New Heaven, New Jerusalem, and New Earth).

So be warned: There are some theological cat-turds in my Scriptural Sandbox!

The Entire Plan of Life on Earth Hidden in Genesis 1 including The Rapture!

New Jerusalem Decoded:
Fact vs Fiction

What's with all the Borg-like New Jerusalem images? Find out what our forever home will really look like!

The New Earth Chronicles

No Harps and Clouds in Heaven?

Read introductory chapters in my speculative-fiction novel about what our real afterlife may be like!

Ray's NASB Holy Name Bible with Commentary

Finding YHWH

A Jailhouse Journey

from Darkness to Light

Image & Mirror Image

The Essence of our Deity Elohim (God) and our mirror image of his being