Finding YHWH

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Finding YHWH

My journey of Finding the Hidden Name of YHWH in the English Bible, along with Yeshua (Jesus) and Ruach haQodesh, Holy Spirit. How this restoring reveals the Tri-Unity of Elohim throughout the entire scriptures.

Being incarcerated in federal prison for 27 months is a soul wrenching experience. You come out of it either on an upward path, or spiraling down to even deeper depths to destruction.

I was determined to change my life and never be the person I was before. A major part of that process was reading the Bible four times cover to cover, back to back. It changed everything! I started out cringing in my bed and ending up leading a Bible Study of 25 guys - who walked me to the gate on my way out - a deep honor!

With a Master of Divinity I was well aware of how to study the Bible. Yet I found immersion lead me to finding the hidden Holy Names of our deity Elohim God in his three-in-one being. How each has a personal name within that of Elohim. Ruach haQodesh, Holy Spirit, enlightened me with a richness of connections most will never perceive. Not because I am better, or are unworthy of it. It is a function of a catastrophic life change that throws out all presuppositions and rebuilds one from the ground up.

Finding YHWH was researched and written as part of that process. Much of it was typed in email form and sent to my sister, who saved them. During my following five-year probationary period, I worked it into the form you see before you.

This has many, many flaws in it. It was a work of the heart, and not work of an organized mind at the time. Please take this into consideration when you read it. I pray you will be enlightened, as I was.

Summary of names usage I discovered in this study which is applied to my NASB with Restored Names version

YHWH, the actual Hebrew four-letter name of God, (commonly pronounced Yahweh) is used as written in the Hebraic source manuscripts. The use of “the LORD” as a translator’s device has been removed and the term LORD returned to its original usage where it only refers to someone in station of authority (god, king, chieftain, tribal leader).

  • Elohim (God in English translations) is the Bible’s deity’s self-revealed descriptive label, which in the case of tri-unity Christian theology, includes all three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • YHWH (Yahweh) (the LORD in English translations) is the personal name of the Father. YSHA (Yahshua) (Joshua in English O.T. translations); Yeshua (Jesus in English N.T. translations) the personal name of the Son; YSHA in Hebrew speaking context, and Jesus in Greek speaking context.

  • Ruach haQodesh (some prefer haKodesh) (roo-ahk-hah-kodesh) is Holy Spirit’s personal name (but not used in this Edition except as noted). In all case where English “the Holy Spirit” is referenced, the leading definitive article “the” is removed from in-front of the English name Spirit or Holy Spirit.