I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United (nope) States (some) of America. And to the Republic (nope) for Which It Stands (nope) One Nation (nope), Under God (nope), Indivisible (nope), with Liberty (nope), and Justice (nope) for All (nope).

I believe we are indeed in the Last Days prophesied in the Judeo-Christian Bible. As such the United States, UNDER Elohim God (not generic god) is dead, and has been since the election on November 4th, 2020. Modern Israel is the direct descendant prophesied long ago. It was Created For Elohim God's purposes by himself. The United States was created by men, UNDER Elohim God and is the only truly Christian Nation to have ever existed. Therefore Satan hmself is bent on destroying Israel and the United States, while all other countries are subsumed into the New World Order.=, headed by The Antichrist.

The Constitution of the United States was written as a social contract that requires three things of its citizens:

(1) Be educated, able to read, write, do basic math, and know geography. (2) To have a common social core of beliefs and standards in the precepts, values, morals, and ethics presented in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

(3) Be willing to understand the Constitution enables the Right to Pursue (not guarantee) Life and Liberty, through personal service and sacrifice to fellow citizens. This specifically included citizenship with the assumed commitment to vote.

When all three of these concomitant essentials are abrogated, destroyed, thrown away as refuse, then the United States is no longer a Nation to which we owe any allegiance.

Our Allegiance is now to only one: Yeshua Jesus Messiah, and the Kingdom of Elohim YHWH Father himself, for now, and forever!

Volunteered for the Reelect Donald Trump Campaign from 2018-November 4th, 2020.
During that time I attended three Rallys: Mohegan Sun in Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport (Montoursville Airport) PA, and Volunteered at Harrisburg, PA (Middletown Airport).

Harrisburg Rally I directed the Handicapped/Media Gate through the main Secret Service security-check line. As a reward for my diligence, I was given a Trump hat by the gate supervisor, Emily, a paid Trump staffer, and seated in the back of the high-roller ($1200) seating area. I was able to bring all of my team with me to watch President Trump speak.

The Best Political Meme Ever!
During the election, I was on Twitter and met a Twitter-Friend, @mad_liberals, who created the viral meme. He followed me and we traded home-made memes.
I love India, visiting it in 1973 with my college roommate and World-renowned Christian Apologist and Islamic scholar,
Jay Smith (PhD).

@mad_liberals was permanently banned by Twitter the last month before the election. I myself was shadow-banned losing roughly three-quarters of my 2,500 followers. After the election, I closed my Twitter account and moved to Parler.