Series: The Death of America & The Latter Days

An Introduction: What is Happening to America, and Why?

I am weary of hearing good Christian friends and acquaintances asking, "Please pray for America, and our Leaders! We need to recover our country!" Really? Is that Appropriate to our times? Why and how did we get here with America in peril?

This Article is a summary outline of these issues. Each section requires more in-depth study, which I may or may not attempt. The goal here is to give an overview of what is happening to our nation, and our lives: And the Kingdom of God to Come!

So Goes the Pledge - So Goes the Nation

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag (burned)

of the United (nope) States (some) of America
And to the Republic (nope

For which it stands (kneels?)
One Nation (nope

Under God (nope

Indivisible (nope

With Liberty (nope)

 And Justice (nope)

 For All (definitely nope!)

Election or War?

Was there an election last November, or was it a war?  On one hand, people were trying treat the election as "We've always done this, we'll get through it." But there was no election last November 3rd. Oh, people went to the polls. Many more mailed in their votes. The few who actually were absent from the polls out of need, like shut-ins, military, traveling, and so forth, can be excused. But to not be physically present to cast a vote, as had been required since January 7, 1789, is a violation of not only law, but the Spirit of the foundation of America.

Instead it was a low-intensity uncivil-civil war of two opposite and mutually exclusive social behemoths.  Know this one fact, it was a battle with all the acts of war: commission , omission, slights, dodges, circumventions, chicanery, subversion, misappropriation, half-truths, lies, damned lies, theft, fraud, attack and counterattack, sedition, and treason, which all culminated on November 3rd...

November 4th, was not the day after an election. It was the day after the conclusion of a battle. And America, as America, no longer stands. Everything that has happened since November 3rd is in violation of the Constitution of the United States and laws that have been on the books since before 2018 (an important date to remember), therefore the Union does not stand. 

Most of the departments of the Executive Branch failed to do their sworn duty, having joined the other side. Where was the FBI in locking down voting machines until inspections could be made? They were waiting - because they were on the other side. Where was the Department of Justice, demanding... well... Justice? they were with the side that abhors justice while crowing proudly about it.

The other two Branches of Government were also actively complicit in this travesty: The Supreme Court, under Chief Justice Robert's guidance, did not make one ruling concerning the election of any gravitas. It ruled in-absentia and by omission. Congress was complicit with key States in enabling the Electoral College's committing Grand Theft Nation

The Constitutional Social Contract has been abrogated. The 4th Estate (Free Press as required by Freedom of Speech clause) has long-abdicated its responsibility. Education has been subverted. Entertainment has been corrupted. Big-Tech is in the hands of corporate oligarchs. Wall Street is in it for its kleptocrat owners. Religion's role has become twisted in service of self. Abortions continue even in the midst of a pandemic. -- and the social weaponizing of the Pandemic itself!

Therefore, we are now living in a post-constitutional state. No Supreme Court ruling is enforceable. No Presidential action is legal. No laws passed by Congress has the validity "of the people". Truth, Justice, and the American way, just like our flag, lay in tatters, trampled in the gutter while homeless indigents use it for toilet paper.

Every major life-function required for the Constitution, and the Nation, to live, has been removed. The nation is no longer on life support. There is no longer any spark in the brain, no action in the heart. Only the body is left, inanimate, flopping on the street in mimicry of life as traffic runs over it. 

The United States of America is Dead. Why?   See Next Below

Series Table of Contents

Part 1: America's Prophetic Role is Over

Part 2: Two Kingdoms