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This is me shooting off my mouth... Careful, I might hit you!

Shooting off My Mouth

Isn't the word BLOG the name of one of the chief Orcs in The Lord of the Rings ? -- Oh, that's Bolg! Is that a Tolkien typo? Well, my reminiscences will be more like Bolg, that slovenly ugly Orc hunting some plump Hobbit meat. 

-- Or perhaps a day out plinking; like a kid at the gun range, plinking at everything in sight, making lots of noise while people are mildly entertained when I hit something, but more likely keeping a watchful eye so they don't stray into range!

I have always wanted to be a published author. I have recently come to face the long-known but seldom desired conclusion, that I have all the talent needed, except organization and a successful writer's business acuity. Of course, that is not just limited to my creative side! Less said about that the better!

Yet here I am with a blog. I like to write in long-form rather than bloggy snippets. I am the master of the long-game I like strategy rather than tactics. In my theological studies, I am parked at the bookends of scripture: Genesis, and Revelation. I do stop in the middle at the book of John. All to say that I am prone to bouncing around from one thing to another; 

Yet, I will attempt to fill in some observations on things that interest me. I'll never be a feature of the blogosphere. But perhaps I do hit something and make some sparks that will pique--or perhaps plink--your interest.

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