Ziggurat Builder

Why a Ziggurat Builder??

Ziggurat Builder started from my novel (in process) called "The New Earth Chronicles". Researching Judeo-Christian Biblical references to the afterlife, I became painfully aware of how wrong our commonly accepted ideas of the New Jerusalem are.

I needed a way to determine the actual dimensions of a Ziggurat to calculate how many levels, people, and living space could be accommodated. After many tries I finally programmed it to suit my needs, and accidently fulfilled those of many teachers and students alike! Cutting out Ziggurats for a class project is time consuming. As well I want to get one 3d-printed. Ziggurat Builder makes it as simple as measuring piece of cardstock to the measurements given.

As to shape, most modern-day people read the description of New Jerusalem in Revelation and presume it is a monstrous cube. How woefully ignorant they are! Fourth-grade elementary-school history classes show what any ancient person's common knowledge of mega-structures are: Pyramids and Ziggurats!