The Berisheet Prophecy

The Berisheet Prophecy:
How the first five words of Genesis foretells Elohim God's plan for History!

This video, and the book by C.J. Lovik, explains how, by using the ancient Hebrew language, the story of the history of the world can be told.

This video is long, yet worth sticking around for! It starts with genesis, then shows how the 7,000-year history of the world is tied-up in these, the Latter-Days of prophecy.

Well worth staying with it to the end!

I personally had been searching for decades for scriptures to explain the hints and patterns I found in Biblical Prophecy. One of my dear mentors Dr. Dick Hutchinson used to say to me, "Ray, I sure wish I'd been born to see the Latter-Days! How little we knew then that we were both alive as "..the last generation, then the end." (Matthew 24:34 the Fig-Tree Prophecy). How little did we know that we both, at that moment, were in the latter-days having been born post-1948 when Israel was ressurected into a new nation on May 124th, 1948

Many pointed to 1988 being the year the prophecy would come to fulfillment. Yet it did not. This was based on the use of 40 years as a Biblical generation. However there are three types of Biblical Generations. 40 years, such as the wandering in the wilderness and other uses. There is also he "Royal Reign" of 70 years. And then 80 years of a "full-lifetime". Each of these different Generations have been tried. It is only since 2018, the 80th year that we finally understood the 80-year Generation is the one foretold by Yeshua Jesus. (See my Blog Entry: Part 1: America's Prophetic Role Is Over for details).

The "Time-Clock" of Elohim God is ticking and the days very-very short! I will not give a spoiler here, but say, Please Please watch to the very end. You will be convinced the Time before our removal from Earth is very close!