Image of Elohim & Image of Mankind

Graphics to help understand the Image of Elohim God
and the (lesser) mirror image of Humankind

Image of Creation

The Image of Elohim God is imprinted on our entire Cosmos and on us as Living Beings.

We are all made in the "Image of Elohim God" our tri-unity deity with three persons contained in one being. This is also true of our Cosmos. Once we start to see this, many of the dichotomies and questions about who we are and where we live become clearer.

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The above is designed to be cut-out into a folded cube to illustrate the concept. Great teaching tool to children and adults!

The Trinity:

Each Color stands alone as an individual color, yet blends into the next without line or division. I prefer Tri-Unity as it is the original word source of the theological term Trinity.

The use of the color spectrum wheel gives an idea of how a "three-part" unity can be explained. Each primary color stands alone as an individual color, yet seamlessly blends into the next .

  • Elohim altogether is "White" (I AM) which, like light itself, contains all the subcomponents of Red, Blue, and Green.

  • Blue indicates Father YHWH in his royalty as Emperor and source of all planning and will.

  • Red is Yeshua Jesus for the blood of humanity and salvation as well as King of the Cosmos.

  • Green is the physical and spiritual life-force of the Cosmos through Rauch haQodesh Holy Spirit.

Please pay attention to the blending of the colors across the chart. Our common mistake is dividing our world into a black and white Spirit world/Physical world. Yet they are blended and distinct at the same time. The Spirit world is all around us, not someplace else far away!

Humanity: "God" in a Box

A three-dimensional box is the perfect example of a six-sided cube; each of three sides corresponding to the opposite side.

Using the same Primary color scheme as Elohim's, we divide the tri-unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit's roles into the three basic aspects that make up us humans as living beings:

Soul - Body/Mind - Heart

  • Father as "I AM" - (blue) matches with us as "We Are" living beings with the same purpose and will to live hence: SOUL

  • Yeshua Jesus as Son - (Red) for life-blood for our physical being in a physical world. This is the place we live and act out our lives which is driven by our intellect and ability to think - MIND.

  • Ruach haQodesh Holy Spirit - (yellow*) for our emotions, - Heart - our feelings. Holy Spirit's character is defined as Love, and our purpose of being from creation is to be in a loving relationship with our Creator.

  • *Yellow color for Spirit is for contrast effect as light-green color is too hard to color print with color cartridges.